Turn A Desert Dry Wash into A Vegetable Garden


This year I’ve moved to a new desert home! Biggest problem is soil that’s largely sand and lacks organic matter and is not bio-active so I need a POWERFUL amendment. So I’m testing out Black Gold Soil Conditioner to see if it will turn a dry wash into a productive vegetable garden.
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Free Dwarf Pea Cage for Small Gardens


Grow edible pod snow peas in small space gardens without a traditional trellis, fence or wall. Make a cheaper version of this store-bought pea tower. Being a devotee of the many uses for chicken wire, particularly when salvaged, I am sure these can be fashioned on the cheap or free. Dwarf versions of edible pod snow or snap peas allow them into city gardens, but what to do if you don’t have a vertical surface to tie them up? If you let them flop the bugs set in or they become a muddy mess. Just roll up a piece of chicken wire to about 8 inches in diameter. Stand it on end, then weave a thin piece of rebar, pipe or bamboo (or anything else that’s free) through the holes and into the ground to keep it upright.┬áPlant your pea seeds at the center of the tube and gently train the seedlings as they grow taller. Easy, cheap and a much better idea for early cool season veggies!