Save Money With Summer Garden Photos


Your awesome photos of flowers and gardens can save you big money come holiday season.  The trick is to know how to get started turning a so-so photo into a fine work of art.  The image below of a stunning cottage garden has long been one of my favorites for making cards.  I did a few simple tricks with Photoshop Limited Edition that are easy for anyone to do just as well. Below is the original photo from which this art image was created.  Here’s what I did: Crop into a long, wide format like a painter would use.  I also cropped out all but the best flowering plants. Increase the color intensity so the flowers pop out. Increase the brightness so there’s not so much dark range as the original shot taken on on a cloudy day so the colors won’t bleach out and few shadows are visible. Use the “Ink Outline” filter in Photoshop to give it the hand-painted look without sacrificing the crispness of a photo. I like to print this one onto canvas sheets you can buy for your printer.  I cut out the images and tack them onto a blank card so they can be removed by the recipient to use in other ways.  Our just frame yourself and give for pennies compared to buying something for the art and flower lover in your world.

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Yesterday I found bundles of beautiful seed pods from the Brachychiton trees that grow close by. They’re sold in the craft store but I refuse to spend money on what I can get free from the bounty of Mother Nature. If you’re fighting hard times this holiday season, log on to our Free eBook section and get your free full color copy of Holiday Gifts and Decorations from the Crafter’s Garden. You’ll be amazed at what’s out there for Christmas decorating if you know where and how to look. And with some recycled bottles and herbs from the garden you can create gifts for the cook in your family.  Don’t miss the recipe for rose hip jelly too!!!