Save Money-GREEN Holiday Decor


Save money and live green this holiday season with natural decorations. Cuttings, berries, twigs and vines make some of the homiest decorations that cost next to nothing. Collect them from your garden, that of a friend, relative or even from your neighbors’ yards. Sometimes you can find great stuff growing wild along side of the road. Get started right now. Download my free pdf eBook Holiday Gifts & Decorating Ideas from the Crafter’s Garden. Celebrate the holidays Nature’s way, then come
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Garden Gifts and Decorating Ideas eBook


Download this free, full color eBook for “green” budget holiday decorations created from your garden. You’ll also be inspired to create gifts that help you save big in the coming months. This year, prepare for the holidays outdoors in the garden or on hikes in the country. Avoid overspending by exchanging shopping trips for long walks where you’ll find sticks and seeds and cones to create everything you’ll need to decorate your home. Get the kids involved and teach them the value of what Mother Nature provides and the plants that the pioneers depended on for their own Spartan holidays.

Fuller’s Teasel for Free Fall Decorations


All along the roadside in Virginia the tall stalks of teasel are going to seed. This invasive European weed makes an excellent autumn decoration or even natural Christmas tree ornaments that can be gathered for free. Cut with long stems to create dried arrangements or just take the little seed heads to decorate and hang on the Christmas tree or to decorate a wreath. This is just one of the many remnants of summer growth that become our most affordable craft materials the rest of the year. Fuller’s teasel is Dipsacus fullonum heads are prickly, and came to America with the fuller’s trade, which is the creation of felt from wool. The unique spines shown above were first used to raise the nap on wool felt. It was also used to card wool by pioneer women but was later replaced by manufactured wool cards which are much like a cat hair brush designed to align fibers prior to spinning. It is so vigorous it escaped early into New England wildlands and then followed settlers westward.  It is unwise to plant teasel in the garden because it self sows like wildfire and spiny stems make it more difficult to pull.