Cheap & Easy Straw-bale Planters


While speaking at the Disney Epcot Flower & Garden Festival on my book, The Small Budget Gardener, I discovered these straw-bale gardens in the park. My book tells you how to create the planters made from a bale of straw costing just $3 to $6. These are really great examples of this super cheap idea. They’ve planted it with greens, another with herbs and the third mixed showing its versatility. When the bale finally breaks down, you can take it apart and use for mulch. No waste, no unnecessary expenses.

Modern Mayan Garden On A Budget


Rethink common home improvement store items into cheap but cool garden design ideas. Inspired by the glyphs on Mayan temples, I made cardboard templates to spray paint ancient symbols onto ordinary $2 stepping stones. It can be done in more potent colors with virtually any tribal design. The little towers are made out of square concrete slump blocks designed for constructing columns. We stacked them, pounded scrap pipe down opposing inner corners and deep into the soil to stabilize. The interior cell was packed with gravel for drainage. The top twelve inches was filled with potting soil to support the golden barrel cactus on top. Planting towers wit no concrete, no mortar.