Jump Start Your Backyard Wedding Plans at MoPlants

Jump Start Your Backyard Wedding Plans at MoPlants

Whether you’re planning a backyard wedding this summer or a garden party, the process of getting ready is exactly the same.  You need to assess the qualities of your yard, design how the space will function, create the decorations and decide what plants or flowers you’ll need to make it look great.  At MoPlants.com we offer everything you’ll need to get a jump start on the season, especially if you’re already behind schedule!


Start with our free eBook:  Backyard Wedding Makeovers.  Download at http://www.moplants.com/eBooks.php  

Inside the fully illustrated pages you’ll discover how to strategize seating, the focal point and ways accents are best arranged.  You’ll also find a detailed color-coded chart of bedding flowers by hue to select the perfect palette.  Once you have a strong sense of what to do, move on to actually creating views of how the set-up will look. 

Mo’s Garden Maker software is an easy to use digital imaging program that allows you to see exactly how everything will look before you start.  Simply use a digital jpeg of your yard, or a series of different views to experiment with plants, flowers, garden art and seating to take the guess work out of the design process. 


Click here to see more information on Mo’s Garden Maker at our store: http://www.moplants.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=M&Product_Code=MOG005&Category_Code=Books

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