Free Planner for Your Garden Wedding

Free Planner for Your Garden Wedding

For spring or summer garden weddings, plan well this winter. 

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For many this will be a backyard affair in the garden, but not every-one’s landscape is wedding ready.  In fact, few are.  It takes time and planning to create a beautiful setting for that special event that seems so many months away.

But time passes quickly when there’s a lot to do, and a backyard revamp can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to begin!   So why not use these long winter days to get your backyard revamp together? 

Begin by downloading our beautifully illustrated 19 page FREE eBook:

Backyard Wedding Makeover 


Inside you’ll find dozens of tips on basic clean up, planting to match your wedding theme, arranging the focal point where you say your vows and solving problems like masking ugly neighbor houses! 

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