Fall Planting Idea: Hues of Heuchera

Fall Planting Idea: Hues of Heuchera

No one suspected a ferocious gene pool lurked inside the dainty little coral bells.  These ordinary green leaf garden perennials known as Heuchera, have been around since the stone age.  Little did we know that within its DNA lay foliage traits right out of 60s psychedelica.  Modern high tech plant breeding finally coaxed them into the light.

heuchera collection

The Wayside Gardens Heuchera Collection features four distinctly different colored varieties.  Mocha yields black leaves, Citronelle is yellow, Caramel a vivid orange and Brownies is mouth watering chocolate

The big surprise with this chameleon genus Heuchera was not the flowers but the foliage.  Breeding experiments yielded such a rainbow of color that the whole perennial world has been revolutionized by their transformation.  Small bushy plants with this much variation are super useful where space is limited.  They are the quintessential plant for urban gardens with a bonus of bright spires of tiny bell flowers.

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Wayside Gardens also offers other independent varieties to choose from, all cold hardy to USDA Zone 4 with full sun or partial afternoon shade.

sparkling burgundy

‘Sparkling Burgundy’ by Wayside Gardens

Even the best garden centers often carry just the dark purple leaf heuchera varieties.  Buy online and you’ll get more exciting colors.  ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ has a good deal of color variation with bright new leaves darkening as they mature for many shades of red on the same plant. 

heuchera sashay

Heuchera ‘Sashay’ by Wayside Gardens

The beauty of ‘Sashay’ is not just its glorious pinks and intense magenta but the unique ruffle edged leaves.  Deeply lobed and frilly, it’s distinctly feminine in appearance yet tough as nails in the garden.  A winter hardy alternative to tender exotic leaf rex begonias!

You’ll enjoy color from spring shoots until frost.  In warm climates it’s heuchera hues all year around! 

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