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Create a K-9 conscious garden design by blending amenities for you and your dog into a harmonious space. Address the most common safety problems, eliminate boredom and create a bit of primal heaven for mans best friend.

Ebook: The Dog-Scaped Yard The Dog-Scaped Yard
Download the FREE eBook (PDF 667 KB)
Ebook: Online Botanical Illustrations Online Botanical Illustrations
Download the FREE eBook (PDF 1.1 MB)
Ebook: Backyard Wedding Makeover Backyard Wedding Makeover
Download the FREE eBook (PDF 921 KB)
Ebook: The Dog-Scaped Yard The Dog-Scaped Yard
Download the FREE eBook (PDF 667 KB)
“Mo Gilmer’s eBooks are inspiring! After reading Online Botanical Illustrations my creative imagination has been sparked. I’ve already made a list of projects and found some plants and flowers I’d like to incorporate. I can’t get to my crafting room fast enough!”–Juliana Aldous Atkinson
Quilter and Blogger of the Jaldous Journal
Ebook: Holiday Gifts & Decorating Ideas from the Crafter's Garden<br /> Holiday Gifts & Decorating Ideas from the Crafter’s Garden
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About MoPlants Garden Guides

Our eBooks blend the best of paper and ink publishing with the beauty
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What makes MoPlants Garden Guides unique?

  • Every eBook in the series is FREE.
  • Packed with full color, beautiful illustrations throughout.
  • Short length ranging from 5 to 20 pages in an
    easy-to-read, two-column format.
  • Small size allows you to easily e-mail as an attachment.
  • Pages print using a minimum of ink, saving you
    time and money.
  • Live links throughout every book for easy
    navigation to great resources.

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MoPlants Garden Guides are available for licensing and customization.

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