Country Garden Wedding Flowers


Weddings in rural America were a feast of native flowers and those grown from mail order seed.  These cherished traditionals have never lost their beloved casual appeal.  Of all forms the daisy is the signature blossom which can be derived from many different plants from prairie coneflower to Margeurite.  New England, New York and many other aster species guaranteed to bloom over a long through late summer and deep into fall. Country weddings in the mid to late summer and into early fall depend on these latent bloomers.  They thrive in the dog days and will guaranted plenty of color.  Inexpensive and plentiful, they can be used in masses to create a wildflower-like fields to dress up little used parts of a homesite.  Masses of multicolored hybrid lupine or the many native annual and perennial species are outstanding and lend the look of rural American wildflowers.   Corn poppies, florist poppy and perennial oriental poppies are among the most delicate yet hardy country flowers.  Grow large plants from tiny, expensive seed sown into soil with the spring rains.  For a complete list of flowers by color theme, links and tips on revamping your yard for a wedding, download our free e-book Backyard Wedding Makeovers at

Flowers for a Victorian Wedding

roses on gate.JPG

The Victorian motto: If a little is good a lot is better.  While they went a bit overboard with gingerbread and cluttered interiors, in the garden they can never be faulted for having too many flowers!  The beauty of a Victorian garden wedding is that you can indulge yourself with flowers.  To capture the true spirit of the era in this midsummer season, turn to these reliable beauties that will certainly hold their color in the heat.  For a complete list of flowers by color theme, links and tips on revamping your yard for a wedding, download our free e-book Backyard Wedding Makeovers at ROSES Fragrant and ever so romantic, ever-blooming roses as patio trees or climbers and shrubs are a great way to fill in bare spots in the yard. HYDRANGEA Lacecap hydrangeas in bouquets or in the garden are more feminine and frilly than the big ball mopheads. LOVE-LIES-BLEEDING Love-lies-bleeding, a true Victorian amaranth grown from seed as an annual was treasured for its sentimental name and long red dangling flowers. GERANIUMS Zonal geraniums were popularized during Victorian times and became the most popular of all window-box flowers.  A heat loving summer bloomer, these and the dangling ivy forms are your best bet for instant color that holds in a heat wave.

Wedding Flowers Under The Tuscan Sun


With hints of Florence, Rome and the Amalfi Coast setting the tone of your outdoor summer wedding, the right flowers and plants will set the stage for perfection.  Knowing what’s in bloom during these warm days helps you choose the right flowers that will deliver the biggest impact.  Cool your wedding palette with a rich selection of blues and grays.     Download our FREE e-book Backyard Wedding Makeover at for everything you need to transform your yard into a wedding garden.  Inside is a copy of useful bedding plants listed in a convenient color selection chart to help you match your floral theme.  Visit Backyard Wedding Central for more ideas and links to help you plan your special day. Choose lavender garden plants and add it to your bouquet for heady fragrance.  Nursery grown blooming lavenders for the landscape fit nicely into decorative pots without transplanting.  Lavender also makes ideal table decorations that release their scent when you cut them.  The longest blooming of all is Spanish Lavender, Lavandula stoechas, which can reflower continuously through the entire summer.  Summer iris of many types include the Japanese water iris, German bearded iris, Siberian iris and the famous Louisiana iris hybrids ideal for the South.  Tip:  Don’t worry that your iris have already bloomed.  Use silk iris flowers with the living bladed foliage.  Silk iris are believable even up close if you carefully insert them at the center of the plant.