Fleabane Plants Really Do Repel Dog Fleas

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Free eBook reveals a natural way to control fleas that dog pets in yard and garden at http://www.moplants.com/   When pets frolic in aromatic herbs that naturally repel fleas, the oils remain in the dog’s coat to keep them more pest free without chemicals. Fleas have been the bane of humans as well as dogs through the ages.  Before pesticides, it was common to strew fresh cut herbs over the floor of home, pub or castle to control vermin.  The oils in many garden herbs are historic flea repellents, leading many to be dubbed “flea bane”. Oils in certain fresh cut herbs are unappealing to insect pests. You can use these same plants to discourage fleas from inhabiting your yard, doghouse or dog bed.  You’ll need to grow your own to obtain enough fresh material to make a difference.  Simply cut and use the sprigs to line the bottom of the doghouse.  You can also strip off the leaves and use them to stuff an indoor dog bed.  Dry the severed leaves and they’ll keep dog beds flea-free year around. For a list of the best flea bane plants and how to use them to give you and your pet a pest-free environment naturally, download our free e-Book at http://www.moplants.com/