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Small Budget Gardening This board was created for those with little money to spend and lot of creativity. It contains over 400 individual ideas for affordable gardening and garden making for homeowners, renters and apartment dwellers.
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Fresh Budget Gardening Ideas for 2012


I am a HUGE fan of new ideas for creating fabulous gardens on a shoestring. Since publishing The Small Budget Gardener, my excitement over recycled and reused items has exploded into hundreds of new ideas from around the world. They’re at my Small Budget Gardening board on Pinterest, a cool new site where all my fans can share these discoveries. Before you start gardening this spring, be sure to look these over for hundreds of ways to save money and get far more garden for each penny you spend.
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A Backyard Wedding Saves Money


Tying the knot in a beautifully landscaped backyard is the perfect way to avoid being overwhelmed with costs. It’s January and time to start thinking how to revamp spaces you have into the perfect tableau for a May or June wedding. Our FREE eBook details your step by step backyard makeover from space planning to coordinating the planting to work with your wedding color palette. Choose to marry in the backyard and you’ll save many thousands of dollars to use on a fabulous honeymoon or the down pa
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Save Money-GREEN Holiday Decor


Save money and live green this holiday season with natural decorations. Cuttings, berries, twigs and vines make some of the homiest decorations that cost next to nothing. Collect them from your garden, that of a friend, relative or even from your neighbors’ yards. Sometimes you can find great stuff growing wild along side of the road. Get started right now. Download my free pdf eBook Holiday Gifts & Decorating Ideas from the Crafter’s Garden. Celebrate the holidays Nature’s way, then come
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Pick A Palette for Your Picture Perfect Project


I’m thrilled to find this collection of landscape style palettes that really helps to convey what you want to your designer or contractor. Take a look at these selections and download them to your wish book for a current project or one you plan in the future. Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already done for you here
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Cutting Edge Modern Ideas FREE

patio-with-water-feature-and-lighting-landscaping-network_1762 I was so excited to discover a wealth of MODERN patio and garden ideas by clicking on “photos” in the top title bar of go to the categories and peruse hundreds of incredible examples of work by top designers. Lots of other styles there too, of course, but you’ll find outstanding built projects in both mid-century modern and Bauhaus modern all at within this one convenient location.

Cheap & Easy Straw-bale Planters


While speaking at the Disney Epcot Flower & Garden Festival on my book, The Small Budget Gardener, I discovered these straw-bale gardens in the park. My book tells you how to create the planters made from a bale of straw costing just $3 to $6. These are really great examples of this super cheap idea. They’ve planted it with greens, another with herbs and the third mixed showing its versatility. When the bale finally breaks down, you can take it apart and use for mulch. No waste, no unnecessary expenses.

Free Sustainable Christmas Decorations From Your Garden


Rather than spend money, take a walk in your dormant garden or wayside places to gather natural decorations. The pioneers did the very same thing in the early American Christmas celebrations – and you can do it too. The trick is to rethink what you find. Dry weeds can be wired into a naturalistic wreath studded with fruit or berries. Dormant honeysuckle or grape vines can be decorated into swags with fresh greens and cones. These decorations are organic, and may be given to the compost pile at the end of the season. Compare this sustainable approach to the millions of plastic and mylar decor items bought for use just a few days a year, then thrown into the trash come January. Click on our FREE eBooks tab above to download your color copy of organic Holiday Gifts & Decorating Ideas by Maureen Gilmer.

Feliz El Dia De Los Muertos – Day of the Dead


This is my very favorite shot from El Dia De Los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico. This is one of the many altars at home and business where the dead are remembered with offerings and flowers. It is an extraordinary blending of my Catholic roots with preColumbian Aztec rites of the afterworld that are not only beautiful, they help us remember our ancestors and mourn the dead. It spans October 31 to Novemer 2 over the feast days known as All Saints and All Souls, which were once called All Hallows in the Old World. It is believed that on these nights the veil between the living and the dead is temporarily drawn aside so that all may come together again for a brief interlude. The traditions have spread across the American Southwest as Mexican immigrants brought their traditions to El Norte. More on the marigolds of this Mexican tradition at Chicago Sun Times online:,marigolds-day-of-dead1027.article

Free eBook: Online Botanical Illustrations for eMail Holiday Cards


It’s no wonder that folks aren’t sending out Christmas cards like they did in the past. When you add up the cost of cards, envelopes, gas, time and parking to shop for them, plus postage, this old tradition is downright pricey. But thanks to some fine online archives from the New York Public Library and the Missouri Botanical Garden, you can download fabulous botanical illustrations for both cards and framed gifts to save money this holiday season. Download my free eBook to get started with your own green holiday greeting this year at