Make A Garden Shrine


Creating a shrine in the home garden is a beautiful way to express your spirituality. No matter your faith, the shrine makes a focal point that’s unique to your own sense of the sacred. This age old practice dates back to the recognition of earthen deities believed to exist within the spirits of the vegetation. In Catholic countries the Christian imagery was adopted and in these cultures they are a staple of even the most modest home. Shrines are an ancient idea for recycling found materials in a whole new way.

Clay Sewer Pipes Perfect for Gardens

Terra cotta clay sewer pipe makes a wonderful planter or pedestal for your garden. Red clay is much like earth itself allowing exchange of oxygen and water. If you’re lucky enough to find a new sewer pipe or salvage one with an age old patina from a demolition site, they make outstanding columnar elements. The larger diameter sizes are the most versatile. To set one up find a length of scrap iron or galvanized pipe and pound it deep into the soil. Set the sewer pipe over the top, flared end down, then fill with gravel to the top if you want it to become a pedestal. For a planter, fill half way with gravel and the rest with potting soil. These sleek cylinders are Ideal for a traditional garden, Mediterranean style or modern urban.

Find FREE Plant and Garden Illustrations Online


When there’s record snow outside, it’s time to go online to discover a digital spring through centuries of botanical art. I’m so into these amazing illustrations scattered all over the Net that I put them in a single database of links in Digital Crafts Central so you can find the best and the brightest. You can download a FREE eBook there too that tells you all about digital paper crafts that require nothing more than a color digital printer. Whether you frame and hang on the wall, iron onto quilt fabric or create greeting cards out of recycled scraps, there is nothing more beautiful than these old images of plants and flowers that were all the rage in the Victorian age.

Get FREE Manure For Gardens


Small Budget Gardeners can find free manure at racetracks, dairies and stables. To find out where horses live ask mounted police or carriage ride drivers. They must all contend with the problems of manure accumulation, which can cause nitrate rich runoff, or rain can filter down to the water table. When you come and take manure for your garden, you are actually helping the environment as well as creating a top notch organic garden for yourself for FREE.

Don’t Chuck That Old Chair!


Every old chair is a planter waiting to happen!  Plant the seat with an abundance of flowers for a charming addition to that focal point.  Just use a piece of metal hardware cloth, nail it to the underside of the seat, line with moss and fill with potting soil.  Then plant to your heart’s content with annual flowers, miniature succulents, herbs or even grass.  This is a great idea for renters on a tight budget because your planted chair moves with you.  As the seasons change, move your chair with the sunshine because it’s light weight and stands alone.  Combine with a group of salvaged pots made of tin cans, paint cans or galvanized buckets for a charming “green” composition.