Cheap Ideas For Backyard Living In Hard Times

Donkey tails in cans

When I wrote The Budget Gardener back in 1996, I never imagined I’d revisit all the ideas again in 2008. Our economic woes keeping folks at homeĀ and with a new interest in recycling to live greener, virtually everything in that little book really hits home today. Back then it was just my own belief that gardens should be inexpensive, but today it’s becoming a vital way of life. In the coming weeks I’ll be blogging on the home page on ideas from the book that make fun and rewarding changes to the way we garden, save money and help the environment all at the same time. We’ll look at unorthodox sources of soil improving material you don’t have to buy, ways to save water, how to propagate plants for free, conserve energy, recycle, and decorate for pennies on the dollar. When times are hard we can still enjoy a happy, rewarding life at home if you know how to reprogram your thinking. Welcome to the MoZone and a summer full of great new ideas!