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Mexican Truffles

In polite company they call it the Mexican truffle, but in the American corn belt it’s nothing but smut. In fact, the USDA has been trying to eradicate it for
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Row covers are the desert gardener's secret weapon for growing in a harsh climate with minimal water.

Row Covers to the Rescue for A Changing Climate

A changing climate challenges every gardener to rethink the way we grow vegetable gardens.  Everywhere the extremes of the growing season are hotter, colder, wetter, drier, and nature is responding
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The Complete Guide to Organic Gardening Without Wasting Water

Desert Plants


Modern Cactus

  The orderly nature of modern design appeals to our need for simplicity in a progressively complex world. The simple lines of both modern architecture and interiors offers respite from
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Maureen's Fiction


Jumping the Fence

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Maureen’s latest book, the true life story of a mixed race French Quarter Creole family during the turbulent years of Civil War, Reconstruction
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